7 Ways For Your Apps To Be Vibrant With The All New iOS 12

Simpalm is a very well-renowned leader in the field of developing iOS applications. The team, which Simpalm has, contains some very talented artists, developers, and designers.  

Now, as time progresses, we see development taking place in the field of technology. Companies like Simpalm do everything possible to maintain the app development cost and develop the apps accordingly. Since Apple’s release of their upgraded version of iOS, the new iOS 12 has gone on to provide developers like Simpalm, enough reasons to celebrate. The changes are subtle in nature but provide enough scope for app developers to add something extra to their apps through the features.

Let us take a look at 7 different ways through which one can let their apps shine really bright with the all-new iOS 12:

  • ARKit 2:

The iOS 12 has a feature, wherein an iPhone can measure objects quite accurately and in an effortless manner. This lets an iPhone give the length, width, height and also certain measurements diagonally, which is quite fascinating indeed. This has surely opened up a whole range of possibilities for an app development agency like Simpalm.

ARKit has made this possible. Now, one can do a whole lot of things with their iPhone.

  • Health Records:

If anyone is part of the growing industry for apps related to healthcare, there the new iOS 12 has great news them. Apple has made certain provisions in the upgraded version to make sure secure and confidential access, to only read clinical records.  

  • Siri Shortcuts:

Another way, which gives the option to make one’s applications shine through the new iOS 12 is the Siri Shortcuts. The new ones are a lot smarter and let you decide the kinds of actions, which one can perform on their app directly on Siri Shortcuts, without having the need to open one’s app.

  • Effects:

Over the last year, people have really loved the iOS sticker, Animation Emojis and Memes Emojis. Presently with iOS 12, at the time of sending iMessage, people will have access to a range of camera effects.

  • Deprecations:

Apple is quite actively trying to discourage and ultimately looking towards discontinuing their support for OpenGL ES. Now, Metal has replaced it. This has come as a shock for Simpalm, the app development company in Chicago and many other similar developers because a number of applications, games, and platforms run on Open GL. Still, as Metal is surrounded by Apple and Xcode, it will help in providing quite a robust alternative.

  • Authentication:

The new iOS 12 helps one to share logins for authentication between Safari and apps, thus making it easier to use multiple channels. So, it allows users to get an experience, which would be streamlined across all of their devices.

  • Interactive Notifications:

The previous versions of iOS had a problem, wherein if one’s phone was left all alone for some hours, the lock screen used to get jammed through notifications.

Now, iOS 12 helps to tackle this problem. It not only groups notifications of similar types together but also comes up with different controls on the notification, all aimed towards improving interaction. One can touch the notifications to know the full message on the notification screen itself.

7 Ways For Your Apps To Be Vibrant With The All New iOS 12
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