How Can I Get Used Car Inspections Service Online?

If you are a car owner, then used car assessment is the first thing that should strike your mind. You must pay keen attention to the condition of your vehicle; this can be done through regular Used Car Inspection. A healthy car ensures fewer repair costs and higher resale value. Besides this criterion, safety is a major concern when you drive a car.

Hence an overall balanced fitness level of a used car keeps you safe on the road. Maintain a periodic examination of various parts of your car and repair the wear and tear to avoid any fatal road accidents. You can carry out the inspection of your second-hand car by a professional mechanic, who understands the nitty-gritty of a car.

However, finding a suitable Car Mechanic can be a pain at times, and then squeezing out some time from your hectic schedule can also pose a challenge. In such situations, ECO service by Droom comes into the picture. Droom is India’s leading marketplace for purchasing, selling used vehicles and other repair related services. ECO is a cost-effective option to your used vehicle inspection needs. It brings you a horde of services at your doorstep as per your convenient time. ECO offers a wide assortment of used car solutions to consumers at a reasonable price. Our workforce ensures a qualitative checkup of your car’s health by conducting an exhaustive investigation of the vehicle’s body, paint, rust or any signs of accidental damage.

As the saying goes, “all that glitters is not gold”, even when you think of purchasing a used car, you can take resort to ECO’s services for knowing the actual condition of a shiny second-hand vehicle. ECO will help you by providing vital statistics and health report of a used car you intend to buy. ECO’s experienced technicians carry out these inspections in the best possible and reliable way without emptying your pockets. Maintain the worth of your prized possession by going for regular checkups and keep it fit.

Buying a second-hand vehicle is a business transaction and it involves high risk. But you can easily handle this risk and balance your financial budget by going for trustworthy used car inspections from ECO. Droom’s Vehicle Inspection Service involves performance evaluation, analysis of interior and exterior conditions, and assessment of mechanical operations.

Benefits of a Buyer

A buyer will get access to the digital report, fair market vehicle estimate, speedy SLA, detailed inspection checklist. Get the vehicle checked at Vehicle History.    

Benefits of a Seller

Get convenient doorstep services and realize optimal price. You can enhance your vehicle’s attractiveness and improve the chances of selling.

Types of Report

  • Basic Report consists of an ECO score that is arrived by analyzing different segments, including wheel, interior, exterior, hood, lights, tire etc. It offers a few observations based on key parameters, like a number of owners, accident history, insurance, and other damage. It also includes vehicle images.
  • Premium Report offers all the features of a basic report plus OBV based on ECO evaluation and the clear breakup of areas which “Need Attention.”

It offers foolproof protection that may reduce over problems down the road and ensure your peace of mind by saving you from any fraudulent purchase.

How Can I Get Used Car Inspections Service Online?
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