What is the Best strategy for you to prepare for IAS Mains?

IAS Mains exam is one of the most prestigious examinations in our country. It is conducted by UPSC which is known for their unbelievable and unique changes in the pattern of the examination every now and then. This is also one of the reasons why IAS Mains is usually considered as tough. As for an IAS aspirant, coaching classes like EDEN IAS are considered as one of the best options. But, if you are not able to attend any professional coaching classes then the following steps will help you to get through with the IAS Mains. So, with all that being said, let’s learn the best preparation strategy for IAS Mains.

What is the pattern of IAS Mains?

The first thing that you should have knowledge of regarding IAS Mains is that there are a total of 9 exams that you are required to clear. Among these 9 exams, 2 of them are of optional subjects. So, you are supposed to choose these subjects as per your preferences and calibre as these will help you to incline your score drastically.

Strategies to follow for IAS Mains’ preparation

So, as now we all have a little knowledge about how IAS Mains’ work, we will now proceed to aspects of some essentials that will enhance your preparation exponentially.

News and Current affairs: Current affairs is one of the most dominating an IAS exam. Thus, it is important for each and every aspirant to understand that not every place or source is perfect to learn from. Many people find monthly magazines useful while some of the candidates are too bond to newspapers like The Hindu or Indian. But, there is a problem with all of these media platforms and the issue is that the knowledge that they offer is good but the time and research it takes to scan through a magazine or a Newspaper like The Hindu eats up a lot of time which you could have used to prepare something else.

So, make sure to get in touch with a coaching institution for IAS Mains as they will offer you precise and to the point current affairs which will save a lot of your preparation time.

Writing style: Your writing style is one of the major deciding factors when it comes to marks and ranks in IAS Exams. So, you have to practice for this aspect continuously as it will not get to your overnight.

Solving mock papers: Mock papers are one of the best things for the preparation of IAS exams and the reason behind this is that these papers cover up so much information and questions that you can say it for certain that you will get some of them in your actual examination attempt. But, one thing to keep in mind while solving mock papers is that not every mock paper is useless and the reason behind this is that mock papers of professional teachers only are the best.

So, these are some of the strategies that will help you in your attempt of IAS exams. Also, joining a coaching class is always recommended as not only the mentors their will help you to prepare for the exams but also you will not have to worry about gathering the study materials all from yourself. Apart from this, the fact that you will be able to choose appropriate optional subjects with the help of the teachers will give you a lot of advantages in the final ranking of the IAS exams.

Well, For better preparation you can join IAS foundation course for 1 year from top IAS coaching in Delhi. Few academy also offers the same course for 2 years and 3 years. The course offers a complete solution to Prelims, Mains and Interview. Join only upgraded foundation course for one year for a complete solution for all the three stages of Civil Services Examination viz.

What is the Best strategy for you to prepare for IAS Mains?
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