Where Should Data Science Pros Focus to Grow Their Expertise?

In a fast changing data management landscape, every Data Science professional should time and again polish their analytical skills. For graduates and fresh professionals planning to start a career in data industry are required to be on top of the talent curve. Data science course in Delhi are an important platform for individuals to empower themselves with data science learning skills to land a job with a good salary and growth.

If data pros fully embrace data science opportunities, they can build a strong foundation around Business Intelligence an Analytics in the software market. In a recent research trail, we focused on some important areas that lead us to believe that data science courses are important for a successful career.

Voice and Chat for Business Contact Centers

Today, businesses collect tons of customer data from various sources, including social media and email. With the growth of machine learning platforms, these companies are making their websites interactive with customers to capture their intent and sentiment using chatbots and voice tools. Industries like entertainment, technology, manufacturing, health and energy are the top consumers and adopters of voice and chatbot applications developed by a team of data science leaders.

The leading providers of data science course in Delhi work with industry leaders to go deep into the use cases of analytics, big data, data governance and management at micro levels.

IT Security and Autonomous Management

Data science analysts can prevent and prepare companies against pertinent security threats. According to a Verizon report, more than 80% of data breaches stem from compromised credentials or weak passwords. Data analysts study billions of security postures, offering intelligent analytics on how to prepare security around data management, orchestration and automation of workspaces that don’t compromise IT infrastructure in any way.

When it comes to managing IT security with autonomous machine-based actions, companies can free human resources from dealing with IT risks directly. A holistic approach to data science allows companies to onboard risk management structures across the entire enterprise IT network.

Text Processing using Machine Learning

Leading healthcare equipment providers are developing a strong data science team to build their innovations into text mining and image recognition tools. Text processing and Image recognition using machine learning could help companies unearth the sentiment and behavior of customers on social media and online reputation platforms. This application can prevent duplication of content, identify fake news and segregate ‘bad’ customer reviews on social media or ecommerce markets.

AI-based Chemical and Material Research

Recently, US’ Department of Energy set aside $30 million for a unique Machine Learning and data science research project focused at how AI could help in material and chemical research. Using Computer Vision, applied mathematics and statistics to the field of energy-relevant material and industry chemical systems could solve hundreds of issues related to pollution, global warming, and economic security.

With so much happening in the traditional verticals of business, data science course in Delhi could open up floodgates of opportunity in these industries. 

Where Should Data Science Pros Focus to Grow Their Expertise?
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